Rural Route 3
Farm Hand Made Co.

I've always loved making things-- useful things, creative things- Things that last.

While recovering from a double mastectomy six years ago, I promised myself that I'd never take moving my arms and working with my hands for granted again. Since that moment, I've been all about big hugs and living out my maker's heart. It has been a wild journey of big risks and adventures and taking the designs, the furniture, bags and jewelry that I have been creating for years to the next level. We are farmers, makers and creators, coming from generations of the same--doing the best they could with what they had. My husband and I both grew up in different towns, in different ways, both on a Rural Route 3. We want to share that heritage with you, create something that you love and hopefully inspire you to try something new. Thank you so much for your encouragement as we journey together.


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I am so grateful for the opportunity to write for our friends at the Laurel Mercantile and Good Grit Magazine.  Here are a few links to learn more!

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